On the 22nd of Ramadhan a Half-Day Workshop on Strengthening the Research Culture of the Muslim Ummah was successfully conducted by the Science Development Network (SDN) Centre in UTM comprising of muslim international scholars in co-operation with PERINTIS at Dewan al Marbawi in UTM.


The workshop aimed and achieved the following objectives to:

  1. Identify strategies for directing research to benefit the muslim ummah
  2. Define prerequisites of success in research, priority areas of S & T & Innovation vision of the muslim ummah
  3. Establish the nature and opportunities for excellence in research and publication
  4. Facilitate key task forces of the international muslim students research community to support various R & D activities

The workshop was attended by 30 brothers and sisters from the muslim international students community in UTM.  The workshop begun after dzuhr by introducing the function of the newly and officially established SDN interantional centre in UTM that has close link with PERINTIS; its President, Brother Abdurrahman and committee members;  Coordinator, Associate Prof Dr Nordin Yahya, and its advisors which were present as facilitators, including PM Hamidon, PM Dr Rosbi, PM Dr Zaharuddin, among others.  Prof Nordin Yahya laterelaborated on the role of the Science Development Network as a platform to nurture and and strengthen the research culture of the international muslim scientists residing in Malaysia.

The main speaker for the event, Prof Zain the PERINTIS President emphasised to the participants on the dearth need for a core group to relentlessly strive to raise the status of the muslim ummah in S & T & I for its survival, strength, security and prosperity, in three of the four pillars of progress – education, science and technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.  He stressed that the struggle to raise the status of the ummah in S & T & I can be regarded as a vital dimension of tajdid movement after da’wah and tarbiyah. Prof Zain then continued to facilitate a discussion session to outline down-to-earth strategies to strengthen culture of excellence in R & D within the SDN community.

The workshop ended with an iftar and informal ta’aruf among the participants.