You see their fight. You see their ups and downs. You see their triumph.

and now…

I  M  A  G  I  N  E

Being a part of the first-ever truly beneficial REALITY SHOW

YES! We welcome YOU on board, future entrepreneurs


Let’s Create Apps

How about spending your time developing your successful future?

At Let’s Create Apps program, we are carving the path for you.

Starting with one vision in mind: Developing successful young Muslim entrepreneurs. We believe youth like you need to be given a chance to show you can do it well too.



In this program, we are targeting YOU (university students and fresh graduates) to create apps that will be beneficial and valuable (and fun too!) to the society. By the end of this program, you will produce apps, and later on, starting your own company (how cool is that!)



As you may already be aware, smart phone applications are continuously and rapidly being developed. While most apps are for entertainment purposes, we believe more apps should be created for functional uses. Our principle is simple: See a Need, Apps a Need. And of course, be the change you want to see.



Here’s exciting part. You will get the first-hand experience of reality show program. For 5 weeks, you’ll be living in a house with other participants, learn together, master all the skills, go through all sort of challenges, create awesome apps, and later on, with the proper coaching from the experts, get the chance to start-up your own company.


Sounds cool? Yes, for sure it is.

For more information, please visit our


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