(notes from prof. Pauzi’s 2008 Antarctic’s scientific expedition)

Penguins of Antarctica

In Antarctica, there are penguins in addition to others birds. They are aquatic animals since they spend most of their time in water; swim very fast and have water proof feathers. They also have downs for heat preservation. However they don’t change colors since there is no need  for survival in the sea.

Penguins are non-polygamous, they have the same partners until death and avoid incest relationship. Both parents go out into the sea to hunt for food, however, once the mother laid an egg they take turns incubating the egg and hunting for food.

young penguins

The most amazing thing about penguins is that upon their return from food hunting the parents can identify their child for feeding, from among a large group of  young penguins who looks similar to each other. How is this possible?


Scanning for their parents on a higher ground






There is Order in Chaos

Imagine this situation…a group of parents seeking  their kid among a  group of kids-loud noises and chaotic situation. But parents just know which is their kids. Penguins have one offspring per season, they take care of their kids- feeding them, sheltering with their bodies during storms and harsh winds; teaching them to swim and hunt for food. Some scientists believe that  the parents leave some unique chemical compound or pheromones  on their kid’s body, that’s why they can easily find their offspring.

Young penguins waiting for the return of their parents

How many are the creatures that carry not their own sustenance? It is Allah who feeds (both) them and you: for He hears and knows (all things) (Al Ankabut: 60).Yusuf Ali.

The terns in Antarctica also changes colour in the summer so as to blend in with the brownish rocky ground.

Terns blending in with the brownish rocks


Terns on the roof








Subhanallah, these are surely signs of Allah’s greatness and mercy on even animals. We can learn from the penguins devotion to each other and in bringing up their young ones. Who else is there to teach these animals how to find their offsprings if not Allah? They certainly obey Allah in their life, but human beings, being capable of rational choices may choose a different path rather than the one prescribed by Allah. May this sharing of  other creature’s life open up our hearts and mind to look and ponder on the signs of Allah in his creations. Wallahua’lam.